Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 8 houses perfect for those of us who love a tipple

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day — and what better way to celebrate this most boozy of national patrons than by lusting over some houses that feature their very own watering holes?

These in-house booze nooks really are a thing of beauty. If you need us, we’ll be dreaming about wine cellars.


This reception room with a built-in pub also includes a “feature fire place with living flame fire.” We’re feeling pretty cosy just at the thought of this. Lovely.


Aside from the wooden bar in its airy-looking built-in pub, this “country house of overwhelming opulence” also includes its own private health spa and infinity pool complex and “a long meandering private entrance avenue which is best enjoyed at twilight with its magnificent 20 ft blue sparkled night lit fountain.” Oh, and it’s just 35 minutes from Central London. You’ve convinced us — we’re sold! Unfortunately though, so is the house. Better keep dreamin’.


This back garden pub was all over the internet when it first hit the market last year, and we can see why. I mean, it looks like something from Hobbiton. Although in all honesty we doubt Bilbo would own a dart board. Or a snooker table. We’ve got more faith in his taste in carpets, too.

Essex (again)

A 15th Century hall, once owned by a member of Iron Maiden? We’d expect nothing less than a fully functioning boozer on the ground floor. Rock. And. Roll.


We’re moving from built-in pubs to wine cellars, for those of us who prefer their grape to their grain when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. This wine cellar in London Fields, Hackney, (which we can sadly no longer buy — some rogue has beaten us to it) holds a whopping 2,000 bottles of the good stuff. That’s one helluva hangover.


This £4 million home is in the footballer/WAG heartland of Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Its wine cellar is quite classy, in our opinion. Would visit.


Let’s just imagine, for a second, selecting a chilled bottle of wine from your very own wine cellar and uncorking it in your bespoke Italian kitchen before heading out to your courtyard, which is “ideal for entertaining during the summer months.” Imagining? Us too. Only £3.5 million pounds to go until we can begin to live this reality.


There isn’t actually a picture of the wine cellar at the beautifully named Sundays Well, but we’ve been assured that it exists — and we had to include it because a) it’s in Cork, a fact we could not leave out of this booze-fuelled trip round the UK and its near neighbours, and b) because we really needed to include at least one property in Ireland in this round-up.

As it is, you’ll just have to believe us — and be content with this rather lovely picture of Sundays Well’s garden maze. Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

All images courtesy of Rightmove.

Originally published at https://www.thenationalstudent.com.



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