I’m 22 and silly with cider, and I’ve made it halfway home, as far as Clapham Junction, where I’m waiting for the night bus, the number 37 flashing in the dark, and I feel victorious, to have come this far, halfway to SW19, where I can sit under the bright glare of light as the bus whisks me (almost) to my door.

My mum says: why didn’t you get a taxi? and on one occasion I do and it costs £42 so I won’t be doing that again.

One sunny Saturday I ditch journalism school because making friends is more…

Opening tonight (Wednesday 13th March) at Vault Festival in Waterloo, Lucy Light is a comedy that tackles the weightiest of issues — cancer, death, and life-changing medical decisions, all set against the ever-reliable rock of female friendship.

Image credit: MILROYD

If you think that this subject matter is ripe for dark comedy, well, you’d be right.

In February 2017 National Student Editor Lucy Miller spoke to Dean Eastmond about his mission to change the way LGBT individuals were treated whilst undergoing cancer treatment.

Whilst Dean’s campaign to change the law regarding fertility rights for gay couples was successful, sadly his fight against cancer was not. In light of Dean’s passing on Sunday 3rdSeptember we have decided to republish the interview, which was originally included in The National Student’s spring print magazine, to pay tribute to the extraordinary things he achieved in his short life.

Embarking on a journalism career, being diagnosed with cancer, spending two and…

In In Between, a brutal, bittersweet and heartening look at the lives of three women living together in a flatshare in Tel Aviv, we are transported to a conflicted world where lesbian DJs and successful female lawyers live alongside straight-laced students in hijabs, and brides are instructed to rein in their sexuality by strict elders.

Maysaloun Hamoud by Anne Manglier

It’s a world that Maysaloun Hamoud, the film’s 35-year-old director, was determined to crack open — and one that led to death threats for both her and her cast on its initial release in 2016.

In the UK for a…

Something strange has been happening on Twitter for the past two days.

After an apparently endless stream of sexual assault accusations against former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, after Oscar winners including Jennifer Lawrence and Reese Witherspoon revealed the horrific truth of what goes on behind the gilded screens, after thousands upon thousands of women come forward to reveal stories of abuse and assault and rape across contexts and countries and decades — after all this, it’s now the turn of the men.

Men like Mark Ruffalo, who has made the utterly self-sacrificing and humble pledge that he will no longer…

Bristol Old Vic has brought its innovative, incredibly modern production of Jane Eyre back to the National Theatre after a successful UK tour — and, as is befitting of two such respected venues, it’s a must-see.

After an arguably weak couple of opening minutes, the cast settles into an assured production that is worthy of both its production credentials and the much-loved work that it’s based upon.

Nadia Clifford’s performance as Jane is subtle and incredibly powerful, staying faithful to the strong yet sympathetic character that made Charlotte Bronte’s novel a feminist classic. A special mention should also go out…

Often the thought of visiting India can be a little overwhelming — with some of the most famous spots crowded with bustling tourists, the country is more than a little bit intense.

India is huge, though, and despite it being a wildly popular tourist destination there are still a wealth of hidden spots that haven’t been fully discovered by the crowds yet.

The experts at Rickshaw Travel have put together some alternatives to the famous tourist spots, letting you experience the real India on your holiday.

1. Assam

Do you love tea but want something a little different to Darjeeling…

Yes, it’s a scary old world out there — and if you’ve just started your final year of uni you’re probably feeling the fear creeping up right about now.

Quick, do a “stressed” face!

Don’t worry, though — there are loads of things you can do to put yourself in the best position possible before the lectures have ended and the real world has come crashing in. Here are 14 of them.

1. Narrow down your options

Not got the faintest clue about what you might want to do with the rest of your life? That’s ok. Start by thinking…

Prue Leith accidentally let slip the identity of the Great British Bake Off winner this morning, and the internet briefly went into meltdown.

Some people were speculating on how Mary Berry might have reacted… Some were despairing at their evening plans being ruined… And some were anticipating how events at Channel 4 might currently be unfolding: Others, though, thought it might not have been Prue’s fault at all…

- Scofflaw Conor (@Scofflawconor)

In the bowels of Channel 4 Towers, a tearful social media intern is currently reading up on how to use scheduled tweets properly #GBBOFinal

October 31, 2017

Every year since 2015, The National Student has published a list of places that we believe students should visit — from treasures right on our doorstep (hello, Wales) to further-flung destinations that are opening up to visitors and unveiling wonders along the way (looking at you, Iran.)

Our list is complied as a result of hours of research, multiple conversations, and lots of wistful sighing over azure-dappled travel editorials. Think of it as a Lonely Planet list for those with a little bit less disposable cash than your average travel book reader.

They might be skint, but students have always…

Lucy Miller

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