10 homes with pools to start your summer dreaming

Lucy Miller
4 min readSep 16, 2019

Spring has sprung, and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve used the emergence of the sun as an excuse to get into full holiday mode.

Yes, our summer brains are on — and all we can think about is lying by the pool.

For some lucky humans, though, waiting until August and then jumping on a plane before being able to sloth on a lounger doesn’t have to be an option — because they just happen to have a pool downstairs. As you do.

Because we’re uber nosy, we had a (virtual) look in these lucky people’s houses. Come join us — and try not to let your eyes fall out of your head.

Spare £46 million…?

We’re sure the new owners of this rather expensive Hampstead mansion wouldn’t mind us sneaking in for a dip in their pool. It’s biggest enough for all of us, right? Right…?

This one isn’t terrible either…

The man who founded Poundland clearly took more than a couple of quid as profit from his thrifty business — either that or he saved up for a very, very long time before he purchased this seven-bedroom Shropshire pile. His pool looks just lovely.

For when breaststroke isn’t quite enough entertainment…

This house (which costs £32 million so frankly, we’ll keep dreaming) appears to have a giant TV built into the wall of its pool, erm, room. We’re slightly concerned that with swimming backwards and forwards would mean we’d only see half of our film, but hey — we think this is one first world problem we could probably deal with.

Just a little bit of opulence

Not that we’re not impressed by the very long indoor pool in this Romanesque Belgravia basement — but we’re intrigued by the smaller, gold pool alongside it. Jacuzzi, hot tub, ice cold plunge pool? Your guess is as good as ours.

Dreaming of an African adventure?

A pool that overlooks the sea on one side, and the mountains on the other? It’s enough to give up the UK for. We’re coming for you, Cape Town.

When size isn’t everything

Compared to the others, this pool is sort of small. With all those candles and a sofa to lounge on after your swim, though, it still looks like a fairly relaxing place to be — so we’ll forgive it its sins.

Living like a footballer

Your neighbours might very well be the Rooneys if you move into this five-bedroom house in Prestbury, Cheshire — but we wouldn’t recommend inviting them round for a swim. Nothing against Wayne, Coleen or the little Ks, but kids are quite splashy and this quite blissful looking indoor pool — along with its conveniently placed Jacuzzi — is really not a place for children. Sorry, Rooneys.

California Dreamin’

We bet there aren’t many outdoor pools in England that benefit from underwater lighting, allowing you to sit outside and bask in your opulence all year-long. Mainly because as soon as we start thinking like this it starts raining. Good thing we can momentarily step into The OC with this property, then.

Oh, ok — here’s another one…

A little closer to home

…But not quite all the way. There is serenity just flowing from this sweeping outdoor pool in Malaga, isn’t there? We feel relaxed just looking at it.

Get your pool out for the lads

Back to Blightly, and God bless this pool, which is all of us in early summer — shedding its winter skin and blinking a little bit in the surprisingly bright (Northamptonshire) sunshine. We’re with you, pool. Time to roll that rain mac away.

All images provided by Rightmove.

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